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The stream in Axams is a wonderful natural river of approximately 12 km in length, which flows from the Axamer Lizum into the Inn in Völs. The fishing guest tickets, which are available in our shop, allow you to fish on your chosen day in the Axamer stream area from its source to the railway underpass shortly before it flows into the Inn (see photo).
It is important to reserve tickets as early as possible as we only issue one visitors ticket per day. We can therefore guarantee that you are the only person to fish in the area on the day and thus have the best chances of making a catch.
Please note that you are only allowed to fish with a rod and that worms, cheese, dough (i.e. any type of swallowable bait) is not permitted. You are allowed to take a maximum of 5 fish, the minimum size being 27cm (brown trout and char).
The visiting fisherman has to carry the written day permit as well as a valid form of identity with him and on request has to show this to the supervisory bodies (fishing warden as well as public security officers).
We would ask you to support us by fair play at the Axamer stream and to keep to the few restrictions, so that many more fishermen can continue to enjoy fishing in the Axamer stream.
Tight lines!