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Winter hats

 “Most of the body heat is lost through the head, if this is not suitably protected!”
Good headwear prevents not only heat loss via the head but keeps your head dry in the snow and rain. Try one out: With a hat on your head you’ll always have warm ears! In our shop we offer hats made of wool or pelt for him and her, which can be rolled or folded up (ideal for putting in a bag) and which are water resistant
We are the right address for head puppets too (ladies cloth hats). From modern pieces to the classical designs – we stock everything you are looking for. For the cold season you will of course also find the following in our store:
  • Knitted hats
  • Fleece products
  • Flying hats
  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Head bands
  • Ear warmers
In this context we’d especially like to mention our fur collection. Whether it be an elegant fur hat or a fur scarf, you will find a large selection in our shop.