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Held • Burggraben 25 - 27 • Franziskanerplatz • A-6020 Innsbruck • Tirol • Tel. / Fax: +43 (0) 512 / 58 63 27 • E-Mail: info@held-innsbruck.at

Traditional hats

In our workshop we craft all our standard models ourselves solely by hand. We use only the finest felt of the highest quality, which we obtain from our suppliers in the EU.
We offer a wide array of hats: whether it be a Speckbacher, Wipptaler, Ötztaler, Meraner or Stubaier, all these traditional hats are available in different colours. Of course these are only a few examples of traditional hat forms. In our work shop we have more than 2000 moulds, with which nearly every traditional hat can be made. We also always have veteran hats in grey and brown in store to go with uniforms.
Meanwhile our assignment region reaches further afield than just North Tyrol. South Tyrol, Vorarlberg, East Tyrol, Salzburg and Bavaria are only some of the areas from which we receive orders. More exotic areas too, e.g. clubs in Spain or in Dorf Tirol in Brazil are amongst our customers.
But not only new products leave our house, repairs are also welcome. As long as it is possible for us to “save” a hat we are happy to ensure that your beloved hat is returned to you as good as new.
“We deal with the impossible immediately, miracles take somewhat longer”
Handmade top hats, bowler hats, Ziller Valley Wedding hats and “Kassettl” hats are other products which often leave our work shop, either in wool or in pelt. We can meanwhile count Muller or Matschgerer (Carnival figures) as our regular customers, who order hats from us for their entertaining goings-on (horse hair and fibreglass feathers are also available on order!)
Lanyards and tassels we make ourselves, either by hand or machine, depending on the quality the customer requires.
“Are you interested in one of our traditional hats?”
Please do not hesitate to visit us! Please bring an example with you. Requests by E-mail are also fine of course, with photos please.