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Held • Burggraben 25 - 27 • Franziskanerplatz • A-6020 Innsbruck • Tirol • Tel. / Fax: +43 (0) 512 / 58 63 27 • E-Mail: info@held-innsbruck.at


 Traditional hats have been produced in the milliner’s workshop in the Old Town of Innsbruck for decades. From the production of the basic model with the help of various wooden forms to the elaborations and completion, each stage is handled by a ladies’ tailor and a milliner.
Specialist knowledge, meticulous work and an extremely high approach to quality characterise our products. It means a lot to us that all our hats are made solely by hand and traded as “Handmade in Tyrol”.
Since 2013 we also have a wood turner’s workshop in our building. With this we can make all sorts of hat moulds ourselves, so that fancy models can also be produced. Already more than 2000 hat moulds are stored in the milliner’s workshop, with which practically any desired traditional hats can be produced, based on the motto “nothing is impossible”!
Customers for these high-end pieces are bands and marksmen societies as well as national costume groups. Customers who want their beloved head wear repaired and straightened up are also very welcome.
In recognition of this excellent handicraft the state coat of arms was conferred on the company by the county.