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Held • Burggraben 25 - 27 • Franziskanerplatz • A-6020 Innsbruck • Tirol • Tel. / Fax: +43 (0) 512 / 58 63 27 • E-Mail: info@held-innsbruck.at

Company Profile

On the 28th September 1892 the Innsbruck merchant Fritz MAYR opened a hat fashion parlor by the same name in the Burggraben. In 1898 after the death of Fritz MAYR his wife had to sell the business. The buyer was Friedrich HELD Sen., who ran the business with his wife. The main products at this time along with headwear (top hats, bowler hats etc.) were underwear (made to measure), stiff shirt collars, cuffs and ties
During the First World War his wife managed the company. Then came the glory days for headwear, as every man owned at least one hat. At that time though there were lots of hat suppliers in Tyrol’s capital city. Even so the Fritz MAYR Company was able to evolve into the largest milliner’s shop in Tyrol.
Before the Second World War his son, Friedrich HELD Jnr. took over the company along with his wife, who again took over the management during the war.
After his early death his son, Albert HELD, took over the management of the firm. He was assisted by his mother, the wife of Friedrich HELD Jnr., Margarethe HELD: Albert Held took his Advanced Level school exams in 1968 at a commercial college in Innsbruck and had to take over his parents’ company in 1971 after only 3 years of practical training abroad on the death of his father.
One of his biggest decisions was the establishment of hat production in 1979. As no training was available in Tyrol he had to learn this skill abroad and from specialist books. As head of the specialist group of milliners he was one of the last three milliners in Tyrol at this time.
In 1987 – so 95 years after the founding of the business – the company was renamed from FRITZ MAYR to HELD. At the same time Albert HELD opened a small specialist department for fishing equipment in the shop. As fishing has been the family’s hobby since great-grandfather’s days this decision was applauded by the county’s fishing fraternity.
In 2012 the management of the business passed to his son Lorenz HELD, who together with his father Albert HELD founded the HELD KG and heads this to date. Hence the fourth generation of the Held family is presently actively involved in the family business.
Since January 2015, the business form has been transformed into a single company, which is now managed by Lorenz HELD.