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Walking sticks

Our main supplier of walking sticks is the company Gastrock, which has been producing walking sticks of the highest quality since 1868. It is important to them that tradition and functionality are combined with a modern design. Their manufacturing emphasis these days lies in the production of fine sticks made of wood, lightweight metal and carbon, hiking poles and natural wood sticks, all of which we of course offer in our shop.
Whether standard walking sticks made of local beech with their signature handholds, stained brown or white or fine pieces with chrome gilt edged handholds made of thermoset plastic, everything is available in our shop.
Of course folding sticks (4 parts, folded approx. 30 cm) are also available as well as the special poles made for the Tyrolean winter with spikes (extra wide “Derby” handhold, slim stick made of aluminum with rubber cushioning and additional flip opening spike).