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Held • Burggraben 25 - 27 • Franziskanerplatz • A-6020 Innsbruck • Tirol • Tel. / Fax: +43 (0) 512 / 58 63 27 • E-Mail: info@held-innsbruck.at


Our best seller is still the Walkini, a felt slipper, made out of 100% natural sheep’s wool and is therefore comfortable, breathable and warm. These are still made solely by hand in Austria.
Completely hand made too are the Zillertaler Doggln available in our shop, which really are made in the Ziller Valley in Tyrol. This shoe, also made of Tyrolean wool, fits perfectly and once you have it on you won’t want to take it off again.
We also stock various other slippers, some made of felt or with cork or rubber soles, high or low cut. You will find something to suit everybody in our selection.
Did you know?
  • reflects body heat
  • is highly resistant to dirt
  • is extremly flame-resistant
  • fairly odor resistant
  • and neutralizes is own smell after a short spell in the fresh air