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Grown from a long tradition

Albert und Lorenz Held

Following generations of hatters is already something special. 130 years in retrospect motivate us to successfully continue the legacy of our ancestors with the trend of today and tomorrow…. Now in its fourth generation!

That was also the moment when I affirmatively accepted the legacy of my ancestors. Hats off, some might think. But it is not only the traditional craft that inspires me. Rather, I am fascinated by the positive presence of interesting faces when they put on the right hat and their change with the right fit.

Or the proud effect of a whole delegation of traditional costumers, marksmen or traditional music bands when they parade in perfect hats. This is how I live the balancing act – we also call it the hat-strap – between the historical and hat couture!

Sincerely, Lorenz Held

The shop in Innsbruck

It is your first address for traditional hats, caps, top hats, bowler hats, Zillertal wedding hats, decorative feathers, hat-tassels, strings, feather tufts, black grouse feathers, hats with Gamsbart (ornamental hat feather), gloves, flowers, feathers, braces, badges, medals…

Our Team

You got the head, we got the hat!

  • Lorenz Held
  • Albert Held
  • Gabi Höllinger
  • Uta Iltchev



The Innsbruck merchant Fritz MAYR opens the hat fashion salon of the same name on Burggraben.


Friedrich HELD senior subsequently buys the company and runs it with his wife. In addition to head coverings (top hats, bowler hats, etc.), the company also offered underwear (made to measure), stiff shirt collars, cuffs and ties.


The first prime of headwear began, as every man had at least one hat. Within a short time, it was the largest hat shop in Tyrol.


Son, Friedrich HELD jun., takes over the company together with his wife, who managed the business during the war.


Albert HELD takes over the company after the early death of Friedrich. He was supported by his mother Margarethe HELD. Albert Held graduated in 1968 and took over the parental business after a 3-year internship abroad.


Albert HELD starts his own hat production. As there was no training in Tyrol, he acquired this skill abroad, partly self-taught and with the help of specialist literature.


Albert HELD becomes a representative of the hatters’ trade group in the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce.


The Held family business still bears the name of its founder FRITZ MAYR. The name is changed to Hutgeschäft und Hutmanufaktur HELD.


Lorenz HELD takes over the management of Held KG as the 4th generation. Albert and Lorenz are limited partners.


Albert Held takes his well-deserved retirement. Lorenz Held changes to sole proprietorship and successfully continues to manage the company.


Alternative distribution channels are developed, a first online shop presents itself with the new homepage. Social media reaches the target groups of the next renaissance. Hut Couture is the new message!

Any questions?

Then write to us briefly, we will get back to you.

Best regards, your hatter!

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