Hat Manufacture

Craft meets Passion

"Top hats, bowler hats, even made-to-measure underwear, fine collars, cuffs and ties, finely sorted…."

That was our range at the end of the 1890’s.

Today we are – in the 4th generation – the only hat manufacturer in Tyrol and produce traditional hats and summer and winter hats for our customers by hand. In addition, we offer a wide range of shooter clubs’ and traditional musicians’ accessories as well as decorative feathers. Some of our wooden molds have been in our possession and in use for over 120 years. We create products (almost) for eternity!


Hat manufacture

Craftsmanship has – no, craftsmanship needs gifted hands. With experience and skill, we shape your headgear from the finest felt. Our archive has more than 2,000 shapes – and yet each piece is unique.

Sewing, turnery

Borders, ribbons, ornaments, appliqués, material mixtures…. All this takes place in our sewing workshop. Our small wood-turning workshop enables us to produce every conceivable hat shape. The renaissance of headwear also makes unusual and stylish models possible.

Feathers, sleeves, accessories…

Real hatters can do everything, have everything…. We have included accompanying accessories in our range, especially for traditional music bands, rifle clubs, traditional costume societies, Muller and Matschgerer. You can find everything here.


The craft

With love for detail, with understanding for the form, with the right answers in the dialogue between felt, form, ribbon and application…. Inspired by curiosity, interest and dedication to tradition and new trends.

Lorenz Held, hatter in the 4th generation and preserver of the craft of hat making in Tyrol, serves the clientele from near and far. Every traditional valley costume in the Alpine region finds its Held hat from Tyrol across the entire Alpine arc to Spain and even to the distant village of Tyrol (Treze Tilias) in Brazil.

Any questions?

Then write to us briefly, we will get back to you.

Best regards, your hatter!

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